The perfect arena for responsible hunting

PORTSMUT, where wild dreams come true.

Are you a hunter? Do you love the outdoors? Have you hunted in Namibia yet?

The Portsmut Eco Safaris farm is home to a wide variety of wild animals to satisfy most African hunter’s ambitions. The mountainous and lush veld surrounding the farmhouse creates a raw ambience for your responsible hunting adventure. Our experienced professional hunters (PHs) will give you in-depth information on all animals, in addition to tracking and hunting knowledge specific to this particular habitat. 

A day of game hunting will leave you fascinated as you track and hunt magnificent animals in this wild and largely untouched habitat.
The Portsmut Eco Safaris farm offers very exclusive hunting tours for only a limited number of hunters each year, so you will be able to find mature, high quality specimens of the animals you are interested in.

Most incredible place to hunt.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 17, 2023

I wish I had the writing ability of Hemingway to describe my adventure at Portsmut Safaris. To begin with, the lodge and the sleeping accommodations were unbelievably beautiful. It felt like I was in a 5 star hotel in London. The rooms were very large and appointed with the finest furnishings. The bathroom had a large walk-in shower. The staff provided fresh towels every day as well as personal laundry. Here is a nice touch which you will not find at the Ritz London. The rooms did not have heat, but each night there was a large hot water bottle under the sheets at the foot of your bed. It stayed warm the entire night.

In the main dining hall was a large circular table which was at least 30′ in diameter. There was a small breakfast room which seated about eight people. Behind the sleeping rooms was a barbeque and dining area where Janse, the manager, and his wife Rozanne cooked steaks. In front of the main lodge was a fire pit area where we would gather each evening for cocktails. One evening Janse cooked steaks on a pit in front of the lodge. The meat all came from animals on the farm. We enjoyed beef, springbok, zebra, and other meats.

Now to describe the terrain. These are some of the most rugged mountains I have ever seen and I have hiked the Rocky Mountains of North America several times. The farm employs a full time bulldozer driver who carves out new roads over and around the mountains. The main lodge is at approximately 6,000′ above sea level and there are peaks which have to be 9,000′ above sea level. Some of the ledges you drive on can get your attention. It is both beautiful and extremely rugged. You will see some of the largest rock formations in the world.

The availability of animals was incredible. I had three animals on my bucket list and had no problem taking all three. Janse is the professional hunter you want next to you when you are preparing to take an animal. My anxiety was a little high and he talked to me and calmed me to a point where I was comfortable with my shot. I cannot thank him enough for making my hunt a success.

If you want to hunt plains game, this is the place to do it. I have hunted Africa four times and this was certainly an unforgettable experience. I am 75 years old and do not know how many more hunts I have left, but I hope to return to Portsmut for what few remaining hunts I have.

A person could never be disappointed at Portsmut Safaris.

Michael Benton

Fantastic week

Rated 0.0 out of 5
September 12, 2023

Two families got to spend a fantastic week at the hunting lodge. The property was rebuilt in 2020 (after a fire in the old building) and is in great condition. Great importance is placed on wasteland hunting. We had two vehicles with professional hunters each, which guided us well to the tracks we wanted. On the farm there are unimaginable 1500km of road network, so you constantly see other landscapes and animals. The whole day is crowned by other culinary highlights in a familiar atmosphere. All in all the best lodge we have stayed in so far.

Uwe Bischoff

A road less traveled

A secluded 20000 hectare private game farm nestled in the lush bush of the Khomas hochland mountain area, Portsmut Eco Safaris offers exceptional standards in game hunting. Experience unique hunting expeditions and wildlife tracking in this largely unexplored part of the world, as well as the exciting and raw atmosphere in the wild Namibian bush.

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