The Portsmut dream: Enchanting and adventurous

Portsmut Farm is based on eco-friendly and ‘green’ foundations, with great respect for the original environment of the farm and all of its inhabitants. The entire farm draws its power solely from solar and wind energy, producing well in excess of what is needed at the modern farm complex. Portsmut Farm is situated in the mountainous Khomas Hochland, west of the capital city Windhoek.

The 20000ha land is divided into a 14000ha area designated specifically for wildlife for responsible hunting purposes and 6000ha for free-roaming hunting. The farm borders on the famous Hakos Mountains, one of the largest mountain ranges in Namibia, with its extensive outline clearly visible from anywhere on the farm. The majestic Gamsberg Mountain is visible in a south-western direction, a highly popular destination for astronomists fascinated by the extremely clear, starlit skies of the area.

Adventurous encounters

Experience unique hunting expeditions and wildlife tracking in this largely unexplored part of the world, as well as the exciting and raw atmosphere in the wild Namibian bush. With professionally trained and experienced rangers and trackers to ensure that your hunting experience is truly excellent, you can look forward to adventurous close-up encounters with some of Namibia’s wildlife on every excursion. If you are interested in hunting spectacular Namibian animals, Portsmut Eco Safaris is the ideal destination, whether for large trophies or beautiful hides.

The Team

Portsmut Farm prides itself on its friendly attendants who strive to offer you excellent service at all times, and will endeavor to make your stay superb and unforgettable. Most staff live on the farm and have a wealth of in-depth knowledge of the farm history and lifestyle. The staff includes well-trained and experienced professional hunters (PHs) that will assist you throughout your hunting experience. The dedicated management and kitchen staff are ready to welcome you and will cater to your food preferences, and the farmhouse kitchen and entertainment area are accessible to guests at all times.

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